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ugh i hate it. this could be the worst.summer.ever i am so envious of people who get to enjoy it with their families, friends, loved ones, to places ive long jotted down in my bucketlist. i should be in the beach right now, probably sitting on the shore or letting the waves clean my feet as i walked onto the cold, fine sands that were warmed up by the sun or facing a big bonfire while imbibing myself to get blitzed but no here i am inside a dark, cold room all covered naked in dirty sheets with my cold heart, alone and longing. 

i did not plan my summer to be this bad, or worst maybe. but there was no choice, anyway, but to deal with it and the more shits life has to offer. i just wish i could pass up. this sucks

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April 24 2014
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April 24 2014

describe me the way an author would in a book

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April 24 2014

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April 24 2014

Have you been waiting long? It's been almost five days since we first talked, and my interest in you have only grown fonder. Today I went hiking, and for a brief moment, I thought of you and how you loved adventures. When I reached the top, the clouds seemed reachable from there. If I can reach them, I can reach you. It isn't so hopeless afterall.
by Anonymous

Yes, give me a hug.

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April 23 2014
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April 23 2014

見ぬが花, Minu ga hana”Reality can’t compete with imagination.”
見ぬが花, Minu ga hana
Reality can’t compete with imagination.”

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April 23 2014

4/21 It’s all a matter of perspectives, you say. I want to hand you an SLR. Here's an empty film of my mind. Fill it with beautiful things. I hope you have an infinite amount of musings, because I'm sure there're more rolls to come. Believe that staying in the dark room will be worth it. Stay for awhile despite the harsh environment. Show me that perspective goes beyond the receptors of my eyes. Come out and see the product of your hands. I promise you that I will show off and make you proud.
by Anonymous

my heart, it melts. why are you like that??? :(((

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April 23 2014
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